3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Great (as we get older)


3 Steps to Keep Our Skin Looking Great!

1. HYDRATE – Hydration helps your skin stay youthful and glowing. Dry skin tends to look dull and make fine lines and wrinkles look more pronounced. So stay hydrated!


A. Inside: Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of Omega rich foods, such as salmon, flaxseed or walnuts, or take a quality fish oil supplement. Studies suggest that Omega 3s can help protect skin cells from sun damage and inflammation.
B. Outside: Use products that are able to penetrate the skin, such as a hydrating serum along with a balancing toner. The thinner the consistency of a high quality serum, the easier it is for it to soak into the skin.

2. NOURISH – Our environment can be quite toxic from exposure to everyday cleaning chemicals, extreme weather temperatures, air pollution, etc. Additionally our food supply is not as full of antioxidants and vitamins as it could be. Nourishing the skin can be challenging but it is not impossible.


A. Inside: Eat plenty of food with healthy fats and healing ingredients, such as avocado, pumpkin, watermelon, citrus fruits, olive oils, almonds, leafy greens and coconut.
B. Outside: Replenish your skin with high quality serums and facial creams that are plant based and contain vitamins and nutrients to nourish your skin.

3. PROTECT – To maintain your beautiful skin, protect it from the environment and prevent further damage.


A. Inside: Avoid extreme tendencies such as overeating, over-drinking, lack of sleep and excess sun exposure. If your body is exposed to these things, a detox can help the body get it back on track. For a daily, simple detox, a hot cup of tea can be beneficial – green tea and dandelion are my favorite. For more involved detox methods, contact a qualified professional for advice on what detox is best for your body type and lifestyle.
B. Outside: A serum or cream rich with antioxidants is important. Additionally, make sure you can pronounce the ingredients in your skincare products. Avoiding the sun and finding an SPF that is free of chemicals and more natural is ideal.

Following these three steps can dramatically help your skin, and your health! So remember to Hydrate, Nourish and Protect your skin.

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