GUYBROWS – Keep Them Looking Sharp

A man does not normally discuss his eye brows. However, I do have male clients at the spa occasionally mention they wish someone had told them how to maintain their brows. Since it can be a topic most men will not openly discuss, I thought I would put it online for anyone who may need this helpful information.

Maintaining the guybrow can be simple. You follow the same guidelines as a woman as far as shaping and maintaining. However there are some big differences to consider. First, men’s hair is usually more course and thick and is more stubborn to remove. Men also tend to get some long wild hairs growing this way and that. These longer hairs can also increase with age. But have no fear there are easy tricks to keeping the man brow under control.

There is nothing wrong with getting your brows waxed as long as you have an experienced esthetician who knows to wax the brows on a man differently. The basic brow rules are the same, for where the brows should begin (line up your tear duct with the beginning of your brow) and end (angle a pencil from the side of the nose to the corner of your eye). The biggest difference between men’s brows and women’s brows is how defined you make them appear. You do not want a perfect brow on a man because it will look like you tried to sculpt a perfect brow. A man’s brows look much more attractive when it looks like there was no sculpting done and they naturally have amazing brows.

So follow the guidelines above but avoid removing too many hairs above and below the brow line. For those longer hairs, simply brush them all up with an eyebrow brush and trim them to fit in with the brow line.

If the longer hair is a much coarser hair and will not blend well with the others, yank it. But if you can get it to blend, just trim it with some grooming scissors (personally I prefer the grooming scissors that are not sharp on the ends, for safety).

Some tips on tweezing – always pull the hair out in the same direction it is laying, never ‘against the grain’. If you have sensitive skin it helps to tweeze the hairs when the skin is somewhat pulled tight. After a hot shower, the pores open up and it’s a little easier to tweeze. Also using a bit of witch hazel on a cotton ball before and after tweezing acts as an astringent and can calm and balance the skin.

Another thing to mention is that all brows are different! Accept the type of brows you have and try to work with them. The brow hairs tend to grow along the brow bone and we are all shaped differently. Keep the brows tidy. Don’t let the brows form into one, as unibrows are not flattering. If you follow that rule of thumb, you will be in good shape!