Facial Massage – Unexpected Benefits!


There are more benefits to facial massage than you may think. Most of us love the relaxing atmosphere and to leave the spa with a glowing complexion. But facials can also help relieve stress and keep the skin youthful. Here are a few of the many benefits to facial massage:

🔸 Tension Relief – When your face and body are tense it can cause wrinkles but nothing a little massage can’t fix.

🔸 Happiness Booster – Massage can lift the spirits. Calming music, aromatherapy and touch have a way of healing a person from the outside in. Many of us have a hard time taking a ‘time-out’ from work, family, social media and the stress of life. Having a spa treatment forces us to shut everything off and enjoy that moment.

🔸 Increase Circulation – Just like the body, the face can use a little love from time to time. Massage movement can increase blood flow and circulation to the face and warm up the color of the skin.

🔸 Younger Looking Skin – Facial treatments will slough off dead skin cells and help with fine lines and wrinkles giving the complexion a more youthful appearance. It also stimulates the muscles and facial tissues giving you a temporary mini facelift!

🔸 Congestion Clearing – Facial massage stimulates the sinuses and can help relieve congestion and allergies. Also many estheticians offer steam which can also help congestion.

🔸 Detox – Stimulating the lymph system can improve movement of fluid and detox of the lymph nodes. There are many lymph nodes along the jawline and chin area that can benefit from stimulation.

🔸 Headache Relief – Massaging the temples and tight muscles on the face, shoulders and neck can help relieve headaches and may help relieve TMJ (temporomandibular joints) which can be caused from jaw clenching or talking for extended periods of time. Regular massage to relax the muscles is extremely beneficial.

So schedule those regular facial appointments and enjoy the relaxation and benefits!

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