DIY Winter Air Freshener


Every time the seasons change it gives us a reason to try out new wonderful smelling scents for our home. Here are a few of my favorite winter-time air freshener scents! There are a lot of do-it-yourself recipes for air fresheners using essential oils. I have tried so many of them! But the one I like the best is one using straight vodka. It may sound strange but it carries this essential oil scent so much better than water! Give it a try.

DIY Essential Oil Air Freshener

You Will Need:
1 oz glass spray bottle
Filled with vodka
Essential oils

Three Different Variations to Try:

1. Christmas Tree
15 d pine
20 d fir needle
10 peppermint

2. Fresh Peppermint
15 d peppermint
10 d grapefruit

3. Cinnamon Spice
3 Clove
13 Orange
5 Cinnamon leaf

Directions – Fill your glass spray bottle with vodka. I prefer a dark colored glass spray bottle to preserve the essential oils. Choose one of the variations to try above. Add your essential oils directly to your spray bottle. Put on the top and shake before use. I love the cinnamon spice the best!


As a mom, I was frustrated that there were not many options for a hand sanitizer without chemicals for my children. As a result of that, I started making my own hand sanitizers. Most commonly I would make a hand sanitizing SPRAY because it was so easy to use. However, my youngest daughter did not care for her hands being spritzed all the time and requested a gel instead.

After playing with a couple different recipes, I found that this one works and smells the best! Since we have been using it for quite some time and still loving it, I felt it was time to share it so others can enjoy it as well. Give it a try!


1/8 Tsp Xanthan Gum
1/2 Tsp Sunflower Oil
1/2 Cup Aloe Gel
1/2 Tbsp Witch Hazel
1 Tsp Vodka*
2-4 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
2-4 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
2-4 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Mix together the xanthan gum and sunflower oil until combined well – this step is important for the xanthan gum to dissolve well.

Then combine other ingredients. Mix well and put in a container with a lid that is easy to open and close. Keep it in the car or in your purse for a healthier hand sanitizer for you and your family.

*Can use a rubbing alcohol instead if you prefer (rubbing alcohol can be a little harsh on the skin).



Easy ~All Natural~ DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Easy ~All Natural~ DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In the past I have bought those expensive toilet bowl cleaners but was frustrated with the harmful ingredients and the cost. I learned this amazingly easy do-it-yourself recipe from one of my many holistic books but altered it.  Here is the recipe I use:

* 1/4 Cup Baking Soda
* 1/2 Cup Vinegar

The original recipe called for 1 cup of each and it seemed like too much. All you do is pour the baking soda in first, then the vinegar. Watch it foam up and let it sit for several minutes. Then scrub out. So easy!


For an easy multipurpose cleaner, to clean the rest of your bathroom, please click HERE.

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Making your own wood furniture polish is very easy to do. You only need a handful of ingredients and it is safe enough to eat! All you need is the following:

Spray bottle, measuring cup & funnel

1/4 cup almond oil
4 tablespoons pure lemon juice *
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


Mix these ingredients together and keep in a small spray bottle. Works great for wood furniture, faux wood furniture, faux leather, and real leather furniture.
UPDATE: Over time I felt that there was a build up on my wood furniture using this formulation so I tweaked it by taking out the vanilla extract and increasing the lemon juice. It works great! So if you find that the above formula is too ‘heavy’ for your furniture, try using the updated recipe:

1/4 cup almond oil
1/2 cup lemon juice

Mix together and store in a small spray bottle.
Need a label? No problem. Print this one and tape to your bottle:

Wood Furniture Polish

It smells amazing and works great! Super easy to make as well. Since it is an all natural product some separation will occur, so shake before each use. Lasts about a month without refrigeration.

* You do not have to use organic

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Easy DIY Multipurpose Cleaner – Save Money & Reduce Chemicals In Your Home


We all want our homes to look and smell beautifully clean but if you are using typical store bought cleaners your health could be at risk. Many of these products contain harmful ingredients such as DEGBE (diethylene glycol monobutyl ether), bleach, formaldehyde, phenols and many many more! Even when the products are clearly labeled as ‘non-toxic’ they may still be harmful to you and your family. Surprisingly a lot of ingredients that are allowed on our shelves here in the U.S. have been banned in other countries, such as DEGBE (according to Here is a tiny taste of some of the ingredients hidden in our cleaners:

* DEGBE – Can irritate and inflame the lungs.
* Bleach – Can corrode material, irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs.
* Formaldehyde – Can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs.
* Phenols – Can over time damage respiratory and circulatory systems.

Many of these side effects can be temporary but continual long term use can cause more severe health concerns. So why risk these side effects when you can use simple, easy DIY cleaners which can save you money? It may seem easier to just pick up a bottle of cleaner at the store but if you are able to take just a few more minutes and make it yourself, you will be improving the health of your entire family, including your pets. And it’s easy I promise!

Here is my multipurpose cleaner recipe. I use it on pretty much everything except it is not ideal on wood furniture. I will post a wood furniture polish soon!

When I’m in a hurry I will clean my entire bathroom and/or kitchen with it. Also check out the tub scrub recipe that cuts grease and soap scum.

All you need is a spray bottle and the following ingredients:


Multipurpose Cleaner

Works great on windows and hard surfaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

* 1 Cup Vinegar
* 2 Cups Water
* 1 Teaspoon All Natural Dish Soap or Castile Soap
* Essential Oils (Optional) – tea tree, lemon, grapefruit, wild orange or lavender are my favorites.


Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle. I like to mark where the ingredients go because it makes life easier. Then it is so simple to refill my spray bottle. The multipurpose spray will keep for several months in the spray bottle.


UPDATE: I recently learned you could mix 1/2 cup vinegar with 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide for a antibacterial cleaner. I have been using it and it is amazing. So that is another option for an all purpose cleaner. The hydrogen peroxide will lose it’s cleaning power if exposed to sunlight so either store in a dark place or use a dark colored spray bottle with this mixture.

A side note about this cleaner: Studies have shown that vinegar and Castile soap can cancel each other out with their cleaning  properties. However I have found that this recipe works really well! I would definitely recommend adding tea tree oil to help with antibacterial cleaning as it has been known to kill staph infections. Vinegar is known to kill salmonella but will not touch staph.

Give it a try! One thing about all natural cleaners is that you may need to put a little elbow grease into it. Sometimes it is worth a little extra scrubbing to avoid inhaling chemicals. So put your back into it and live cleaner and healthier!!


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