Why Use a Facial Toner?


I get this question a lot. So I thought I would post a brief little article on using a facial toner and if it is necessary. There are so many toner options on the market today that it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out which one to get, if any at all. Toner usually has a water type consistency that is either sprayed on the face or rubbed on the face with a cotton ball or facial pads. It is not rinsed off. The main purpose of toner is to balance the skin. It is applied after cleansing. I think of toner as deepening my cleansing step. I like to use a toner when my skin feels out of balance, my skin feels extra greasy or am dealing with a breakout.


Do you have to use a toner? No, you don’t. And you don’t have to use toner all the time. You can just use it when you feel your skin is out of balance. However, some of us notice if we stop using a toner and like to include it in our everyday skincare routine.

General Skincare Procedure for Using a Toner:



How to Choose the Right Toner:

If you follow my blog, you have probably gathered that I favor products that are all natural or organic. Since becoming an esthetician and being obsessed with reading labels, I discovered that many of the products on the market are completely full of chemicals and actually cause our skin more damage than good. Because of that, the toners I will be recommending are natural solutions. Rest assured I try to only recommend natural products that give great results. We all want to feel beautiful and it’s important to have products that make you feel amazing and that work! Here are a few of the toners I recommend:

Pure Witch Hazel (mild) – An amazing product that balances the skin but won’t dry it out.
Pure Witch Hazel with Organic Lemon Juice (strong) – This one can dry out the skin so don’t use if you have sensitive skin. Mix 60% witch hazel with 40% lemon juice. I like this mixture because it helps even out skin tone and reverse sun damage.
Orange Rose Healing Toner (medium) – Get the recipe here! This is a toner I initially made for a dear friend of mine who did not care for witch hazel. After sharing it with many of my friends and family, I have had such great feedback that I decided to share it with all of you.
Rose Hydrosol (mild) – A very mild toner which usually is best in spritz form. Feels great in the summer when the skin is hot.
Choose your own – When you choose a toner, my advice is to make sure the ingredients are all natural and/or organic. I would also avoid anything with harsh chemical ingredients or ingredients you cannot pronounce.
Also, it is important to note that some toners can cause sun sensitivity. For that reason, make sure you wear your SPF during the day and/or only use the toner in the evening for extra caution.

Benefits of Using a Toner:

🔸Shrinks pores
🔸PH balance
🔸Blast of vitamins (some toners are only used for this purpose)
🔸Removes excess oils and dirt
🔸Helps absorption
🔸Helps with ingrown hairs
🔸Maintains breakouts
🔸Removes dead skin cells

Using a toner can help the absorption of other products such as serums and moisturizers. Using a gentle cleanser or having just wiped your face with a warm washcloth can also help with absorption but, in my opinion, using a toner goes a tiny step further in preparing the skin for the products.

Many people think of a toner as a harsh product that gives you a squeaky clean, tight face. If this is happening to you after you use a toner it is all wrong for you! A toner should not cause irritation or dry your face out. A toner should not burn the eyes when you smell it (ahem sea breeze ahem) or reek of alcohol.

Dangers of Using the Wrong Toner for your Skin:


If you experience any of these issues after using a toner, stop using it immediately and allow your skin to heal. Try a more mild toner such as pure witch hazel or rose hydrosol. Also, keep in mind that toners can offer many uses to the skin in addition to balance.

Toners Can Serve Different Purposes for Your Face:

🌀An extra shot of vitamins
🌀Help with skin texture

Overall I think having a toner in your regular skincare routine can be extremely beneficial. Especially if you struggle with combination or oily skin.

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