Green Eyed Grace is a family owned company located in the beautiful foothills of Colorado. Our products are inspired by Bethel, an esthetician with a passion for providing pure, healthy and safe personal care products with amazing results.

As an esthetician, Bethel started out using many different product lines. Products have been her passion from the beginning. However, she quickly began to see the effects those products had on her skin. She noticed that her skin, over time, actually began to look worse. The real read flag happened after her youngest son suffered from regular eczema breakouts. Their family physician kept prescribing chemical creams to clear up these breakouts. The creams would help for a while but would eventually return. Out of desperation, she visited a homeopathic doctor and spoke to many other professionals to get better results. After several suggestions to remove chemicals, she gave it a try. Much to her amazement her son’s skin is now smooth and clear. Thus began her journey to a healthier, chemical free lifestyle.

Healthy Skin Begins From Within

Not only did products make a difference but also a switch to chemical free foods made a difference in the family’s skin and health. It is amazing the results that have been found linking skin care and diet.

Don’t Believe The Hype

Many skin care and personal care products are pushed by large companies with unrealistic claims that their products can reverse aging or offer instant results. But not many talk about the long-term effects of these products nor what ingredients are used. Ironically, after using some of these harsh skin care products, there are only temporary results. Some of the ingredients found in harsh products can actually cause ageing, dryness and irritation of the skin.

Do It Yourself

Ingredients in products can be very harmful for our skin and our bodies. Our skin does absorb some of the product that is applied, which makes it important to avoid harmful chemicals in products. It can be difficult to switch to a chemical-free lifestyle. Because of that, our website is a place where clients, or anyone looking for a different approach, can come to get information. We LOVE making our own products and teaching others how to do the same. We are obsessed with NATURAL ingredients and what they can do for the skin.


If you cannot afford to purchase pricey skin care products, you can always make them yourself! Everyone should have access to cleaner, healthier products. Enter your email address below to receive a complete guide on skin care routine, which includes some DIY recipes.

Try A Professional Line

If you do not want to make your products yourself or if you are looking for a professional skin care line, you can purchase the professional Green Eyed Grace line under ‘SHOP’. This is the professional skin care line that Bethel uses in her spa. It is a unique and effective line that can be tailored to your skin’s needs.  There are easy packages to purchase (or individual products) with step by step instructions. Simple and better for your skin.

Switching to a cleaner lifestyle can be a long process but the difference is amazing! Just take one step at a time. Subscribe to receive regular posts about healthier skin care.







  1. I am finding similar results with my son. Over the past 2 years we have been slowly removing chemicals and processed foods. (we tried to do it all at once, but that failed quickly!) What spurred it was my introduction to Young Living. I quickly was friends with many who were trying to get rid of chemicals and toxins from their homes. One DIY at a time, one use of an essential oil at a time, one homemade food instead of packaged food product at a time…and we are on our way there! I have noticed great changes in him since taking these steps, and I’m so thankful for fellow bloggers who share their ideas and ways to live a chemical free life!

    • Hello! So great to meet you 🙂 It has definitely been a process removing chemicals from our life but so rewarding! So glad to hear others have the same experience. Let’s definitely stay connected. Thank you so much for your comments!!

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