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When I first became an aesthetician I used many different product lines and was willing to put anything on my skin. I was a complete product junkie. I loved the extreme products and bought in to all the hype fed to us by large skin care companies. If they said it was anti-aging or plumping, I believed it. I did not think about what was in it. Ironically, after using these harsh skin care products, I did not see much improvement in my skin. In fact, my skin was very dry and itchy all the time.

Over the years, I learned that some ingredients in our products can be very harmful for our skin and our bodies. Our skin does absorb some of the product that is applied, which makes it important to avoid harmful chemicals in products. My first red flag to chemical ingredients was when one of my children had continual outbreaks of eczema. The doctors never once asked about our diet or products, they only prescribed chemical creams to put on my child’s skin. It would clear up for a while then it would be back. It was not until we removed chemicals from our diet and products that we were able to get the eczema under control.

It has been several years now since we switched to a cleaner lifestyle. I know how hard the struggle was for us and want to provide a place where clients, or anyone looking for a different approach, can come to get information. I also love making my own products (still a product junkie) and love to share what I find works well. I am now obsessed with NATURAL ingredients and what they can do for the skin. I have many DIY recipes on the website. I try to make the recipes simple and easy to make.

My motto is: If you cannot afford to purchase pricey skin care products, you can always make them yourself! Everyone should have access to cleaner products. There is a complete do-it-yourself skin care regimen on this website – from cleansers to moisturizers.

However, if you do not want to make it yourself or if you are looking for a professional skin care line, you can purchase the professional Green Eyed Grace line under ‘shop’. This is the professional skin care line I use in my spa. It is a unique and effective line that can be tailored to your skin’s needs.  There are easy packages to purchase (or individual products) with step by step instructions. Simple and better for your skin.

Switching to a cleaner lifestyle can be a long process but the difference is amazing! Just take one step at a time. Try to change two things a week, every week and before you know it you will be there.

Love ~ Bethel


God Bless!

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  1. I am finding similar results with my son. Over the past 2 years we have been slowly removing chemicals and processed foods. (we tried to do it all at once, but that failed quickly!) What spurred it was my introduction to Young Living. I quickly was friends with many who were trying to get rid of chemicals and toxins from their homes. One DIY at a time, one use of an essential oil at a time, one homemade food instead of packaged food product at a time…and we are on our way there! I have noticed great changes in him since taking these steps, and I’m so thankful for fellow bloggers who share their ideas and ways to live a chemical free life!

    • Hello! So great to meet you 🙂 It has definitely been a process removing chemicals from our life but so rewarding! So glad to hear others have the same experience. Let’s definitely stay connected. Thank you so much for your comments!!

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