DIY Peppermint Chapstick


There are so many great Chapstick recipes out there. I have been inspired by many recipes I have tried from friends and online Do-It-Yourselfers, but I wanted to share my favorite one that I have altered a bit, for my friends who love to make things themselves! I personally love the peppermint Chapstick because it tingles a little bit and smells great! This Chapstick recipe is a little more moisturizing and of course made with natural and organic ingredients! Check it out:

3 Tablespoons Organic Coconut Oil
1 1/2 Tablespoons Filtered Beeswax
1/2 Tablespoon Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter
1/4 Teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
1/8 Teaspoon Organic Peppermint Flavor*
9 drops Peppermint Essential Oil**
3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

You will also need about 14 Chapstick containers and a plastic disposable oil dropper.


Melt all ingredients except the essential oils on LOW heat. Once the beeswax is completely melted, remove from heat and add essential oils. Quickly use your disposable dropper (like the one shown in the picture above) to move the melted Chapstick into the Chapstick containers. Once you have used all of your melted Chapstick, wipe out excess from your pot with a paper towel. Do not run under water as it will just harden and make it difficult to clean.


*This is the peppermint flavor I found.


**Since this has peppermint oil in it, which is a HOT oil, do not use this Chapstick on infants.

Let your Chapsticks cool overnight and then put your caps and labels on. Smells great and helps repair dry or chapped lips.


DIY Moisturizing Face Wipes


A friend of mine recently asked me if I had a handy recipe for safer, more natural face wipes for when she’s at the gym and needs to quickly remove makeup. I started working on different recipes and this one is my favorite so far. As an esthetician, I did not want a recipe that would just remove makeup but that would also be beneficial for the skin and moisturize at the same time, in case you have no other products with you, such as moisturizer or serum.

Try out this recipe for moisturizing face wipes for the gym, camping, traveling, late nights and emergencies!

1/2 cup pure aloe juice
1/2 cup distilled water
1/2 tablespoon Castile soap (I prefer lavender or unscented)
1 teaspoon apricot oil *
1 teaspoon witch hazel *
5-7 drops essential oils (I prefer lavender)
Box of thick, absorbent Kleenex Hand Towels



Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Fold 10-15 Kleenex Hand Towels into squares and soak in the liquid mixture until towels are completely drenched. Wring out excess liquid (but leave very damp so your towels don’t dry out so quickly). Store in a sealable ziplock bag. Since these face wipes have no preservatives, they will only last about a week or so. Store in your gym bag, in your car or by your bedside for those late nights when you don’t feel like washing your face. You can also easily add some anti-microbial essential oils, such as tea tree (melaleuca), to use these as sanitizer wipes for hands and face.

Most of these ingredients you can get at your local supermarket but for the essential oils, apricot oil and aloe you can purchase at Mountain Rose Herbs at the affiliate link found in this blog.

*if you have oily skin you may want to consider substituting the apricot oil with grapeseed oil and the witch hazel with an alcohol such as Vodka. The mixture is less moisturizing by still very nice on the skin.Thank you for visiting! For weekly tips, information and recipes, please enter your email address and follow me at